Equipping students for Christ-like influence.

“Epereia” is a Greek word which means “influence” and we are seeking to build students into influential leaders. This program is faith based, as we believe that Christ-like leadership brings transformation in our world. Epereia will be a fun, exciting, and intense opportunity for students to grow as leaders. We believe that students are valuable, and therefore significant investments will be made in their lives by caring adults who bring a variety of leadership skills. Students will connect with an SLC member regularly as an individual and in a group of 3-4 students. They will be encouraged in character development and given practical tools to enable them to make wise life choices.

Students who are selected for the program will be required to meet the following expectations:

  • demonstrate a passion to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ

  • a desire to influence the lives of others to also experience Jesus

  • a willingness to learn from others who are seeking to invest in their lives

  • a full commitment to attend and participate in all events within Epereia

  • completion of all assignments associated with Epereia

  • submit a fee of $300

    • the SLC is investing $300 per student to enable them to take part in this program. We recognize the commitment that students are making and want to offer events and activities that communicate excellence. We also believe there is value in having students contribute to the program, as this develops a sense of ownership. Our hope is that students will find supporters who will partner with them in covering the $300 cost. Ten people making a $30 investment would cover this fee and build a team of supporters that students can connect with regularly via monthly updates. Donations are eligible for a tax receipt (minimum $20). The student fee covers the Leadership Retreat, and the SLC investment will cover all other costs.