Imagine a location where 1000 students have the ability to talk with an SLC member whenever they need to - a place where students can have a trusted confidant who cares about their lives in a deep-seated, God-entrusted way. This is our hope for our mentoring program which seeks to engage students in the following ways:


We have an open-door policy that extends to all students.  Students are welcome to make an appointment to talk about what has been going on in their lives. In both joys and sorrows, we are an emotional and spiritual “First Aid Station”.  We continue to work hard to create an atmosphere where students can be themselves. We believe that God wants us to come as we are and loves us way too much to leave us there.


Another goal of the SLC is to develop intentional mentoring and discipleship relationships with students.  We meet with many students on a regular basis in order to walk with them through the successes and challenges that life brings.  We also recognize the need in some students for longer term support. We will engage teens ourselves and, when necessary, refer to outside agencies for support.

If you want to meet with us stop by the SLC located in the cafe or send us an email, text, or smoke signal.