This posting is for a full time male Associate with the Spiritual Life Centre at Eden High School. The compensation package for this position will be between $40,000-45,000 commensurate with the qualifications and experience of the successful candidate as set out on the EAB (Eden Advisory Board) salary grid for Spiritual Life Associates. Additional conditions of employment are available upon request. Please forward resumes or inquiries to John Bryan (Spiritual Life Director) at Please be sure to include in your resumes at least three references.

Note that resumes and covering letters are due no later than Tuesday, April 30th at 11:59pm. Also note that interview time slots tentatively be scheduled for mid-late May. Only successful applicants will be contacted for an interview.

Spiritual Life Associate Job Description


Working with the Spiritual Life Director and the Centre staff, the Spiritual Life Associate is responsible for the planning, implementation and review of designated Spiritual Life programs and enhancing the quality of students’ experience at Eden High School. The mission of the Spiritual Life Centre is; “Leading students to learn of Christ and live for Christ.”

Skills and Character Required

The SLA (Spiritual Life Associate) will be committed to functioning within the SLC (Spiritual Life Centre) as a team. This will include a commitment to high standards of accountability, involvement in program delivery and working in a collegial manner in planning and delivering programs that fulfill the mission of the SLC.

The Spiritual Life Associate will have a clear sense of call and professional interest in discipling young people within an alternative secondary school setting. The Spiritual Life Associate will be deeply committed to a Biblical understanding of faith as expressed in the Canadian Conference of MB Church’s Confession of Faith. This will be communicated by precept and through a lifestyle that is consistent with biblical Christianity. 

SLC members will maintain a clear and consistent record of their involvement in the activities of the SLC. This will include regular reports to the Spiritual Life Director regarding student contact, program involvement, community involvement, professional development, and extracurricular involvements. 

Roles and Responsibilities

SLC members will assist in developing and coordinating SLC programs which include: Daily Chapel, Grade Level Retreats, One-on-one mentoring, Small Groups and discipleship training events. Gifting in music and worship leading and web page design would also be an asset, but not required. Gifting in speaking and communication would also be an asset. 

Daily Responsibilities

  • schedule appointments with male students, related to mentoring, discipleship, support in life issues and leadership development

  • respond to requests for students meetings as a result of a staff or peer request.

  • When necessary and appropriate, make referrals to outside agencies (FACS, health care providers, counselors, pastors and other professionals) to assist students.

  • Work in cooperation with school staff (teachers, youth counselor, nurse, guidance dept.) in providing support for students.

  • Participate in daily chapel in a leadership role or by providing support.

  • Participate in various school activities (Buy-ins, classroom support, field trips).

  • Participate in co-curricular activities (eg: coaching, school clubs).

  • Be available for students before school, during lunch and after school.


  • Attend and participate in SLC staff meetings

  • Participate in creative programming meetings.

  • Prepare and deliver Biblical chapel presentations in an engaging and relevant manner.

  • Oversee our music ministry by training worship leaders to lead Friday chapels. Duties would include choosing and arranging teams, overseeing practices, equipping student musicians and song selection. 

  • Develop effective communication through social media, website, video production, etc.


  • Attend Eden Advisory Board and School Council meetings (evenings) as required.

  • Attend community youth network or ministerial meetings as required.

Ongoing and Seasonal Roles

  • Assist in annual program planning 

  • Organize and assist in leading Grade Level Retreats (early fall and require overnight and offsite participation).

  • Assist in the preparation and program of our Annual Fundraising Banquet (fall)

  • Attend conferences for professional development (some travel and overnight participation may be required). 

Additional Responsibilities

The Spiritual Life Associate will fulfill additional and appropriate responsibilities deemed necessary by the Spiritual Life Director.


The Spiritual Life Associate is accountable to the Eden Advisory Board through the Spiritual Life Director. The SLA will adhere to conditions of employment as described in the policies and procedures of the Eden Advisory Board. In all matters, the utmost of professional conduct and concern for the reputation of the Spiritual Life Centre, and Eden High School will be considered. The SLA will adhere to the expectations as set out by the policies of Eden High School.